Pastors for Virginia
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Pastor - there's a sleeping giant in Ohio...

and it's sitting in the pews of your church.

All around the country, Christians are stepping up, speaking out, and taking action to change the cultural and political climate of our nation. There's a grassroots movement afoot, and Virginia Christians can make a huge impact by getting on board and working to influence the outcome of local political races in all 95 Virginia counties.

We need your help, and we invite you to partner with us to:

  • Inform your congregation about the importance of being engaged as citizens.
  • Get your congregation registered to vote.
  • Facilitate getting people to the polls on Election Day.

We'll provide timelines, suggested messaging, videos, handouts, and ongoing support.

Christian citizenship campaigns are gathering momentum across America. Let's work together to make Virginia a major success story in this effort!

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